Friday, January 13, 2012

Smooth Motive Drop 1.29 PETS

This is a mod that makes the Hunger, Bladder, and Energy motives drop at a smooth, constant rate.

In the base game, motives change speed depending on how high or low they are. When Hunger is at -81 (the motives range from -100 to 100), the speed drops to a decay of less than 1 per hour. When hunger is above -61, it goes at a rate of 12 per hour. I changed this so that hunger drops at a smooth and constant rate. That way, when it's halfway empty, it is literally halfway empty. When it's close to empty, your sim is literally close to starving to death. The rate slows a tiny, tiny bit when a sim/pet is "Starving", but they will still actually be close to death a la The Sims 1 when that bar is way down in the red. So pay the hell attention.

The new rates are as follows:

Bladder- 30 Per Hour. Sims will go from full to empty bladder in 6.5 hours.
Bladder Toddler- 35 Per Hour. Toddlers will go from full to empty bladder in 5 hours and 40 minutes.
Bladder Baby- 35 Per Hour. Same as toddlers.
Bladder Elder- 40 Per Hour. Have fun tomb-raiding as an old person.
Bladder Horse-  35 Per Hour.
Bladder Cat- 20 Per Hour.
Bladder Big Dog- 30 Per Hour.
Bladder Little Dog- 40 Per Hour.

Hunger- 16 Per Hour. Sims will go from full to empty hunger in 12.5 hours. If a sim reaches significantly low hunger, they will starve SIGNIFICANTLY faster than in the base game. In the base game, mostly empty hunger still meant you had 24 hours to live. Now, mostly empty hunger means you've got a couple hours.
Hunger Toddler- 18 Per Hour. Toddlers will go from full to empty in 11 hours. Feed them breakfast and feed them before bed! No more feeding them once per day. The social worker is onto you.
Hunger Baby- 16.875 Per Hour. This is actually the default, but now it doesn't get slower the hungrier the baby gets. Babies may have to be fed during the middle of the night- like real babies.
Hunger Horse- 15 Per Hour.
Hunger Cat- 16 Per Hour.
Hunger Dog- 16 Per Hour.
Hunger Little Dog-  18 Per Hour.

Energy- 10 Per Hour. Sims will go from full to empty energy in 20 hours. This lets sims go to sleep at the same time each night without their schedule going out of whack, because they won't ever be fully tired before bedtime as long as they get a full or near full sleep.
Energy Baby- 20 Per Hour.
Energy Toddler- 8
Energy Horse- Unchanged. Sleepy horses are not good for riding.
Energy Cat- 20 Per hour! Cats are sleepy.
Energy Dog- Unchanged.
Energy Little Dog- 10 Per Hour.

This idea wasn't met with the best reception from people elsewhere, but screw them, I think it's a nice idea and I appreciate the idea that if my sim doesn't eat there are severe consequences, rather than a full two days they can go without me getting them any food. Some people might want it, so here you go!

This mod makes use of the MOTIVES xml. It will probably conflict with anything that edits WHEN moodlets show up. There are 4 total xmls dedicated to motives, but it will only conflict with those that edit this one in particular. It shouldn't conflict with any mods that make moodlets more or less extreme, and it works fine with Awesomemod.


  1. it sounds nice bc i want my sims to eat 3 times a day go tot he bathroom about 4 and i wanted from 6 am to 3 am wont be tired at all bc that how my life is so i goin to try this out and hopeful it make it all realistic

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