Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bridgeport With Ceilings and Cribs (Save File)

This is a save file that will give you a fresh bridgeport (time is 8:02 AM on the first day). The difference? Every floor of every lot in the world has been given a ceiling. In most cases the ceilings are fitted specifically to the room, sometimes to the house, and sometimes I just used the floor- but only if appropriate, mostly for bathrooms and kitchens.

This includes adding them where they should be but aren't, as well as properly coloring and texturing them.

I got sick and tired of seeing these ugly cream ceilings regardless of what the rest of the room was like and so I did what EA should have done and added texture to them.

I may have "missed a spot" in a couple of places, but from what I could tell, I got everything. There are some places where ceilings simply did not exist (mostly in the hidden rooms of high rise lobbies), and I could not fix that.

So now, every time you start a new game in Bridgeport, you can start a game that doesn't have ceiligns installed by a company too lazy to do anything but cream colors.

This save file also adds at least one crib to every house, and *some* of the apartments (only the ones that had a lot of room in them, just for realism purposes- someone in an apartment with a shared living/bed/kitchen room is not going to be looking to have a baby.) This is for Awesomemod since having cribs in houses is necessary for its story progression to work properly.

There is no active household, and I reset and fixed the world before saving. :D

Remember to "Save As" when you save an actual play file so that you don't have to redownload if you start a new Bridgeport game!


  1. Ok. I feel like an idiot for asking this, but where do I put this? Like what folder?

    And thanks btw, I simply hate having to go and put cribs in.

  2. Extract the folder to your Documents/ElectronicArts/TheSims3/Saves folder.

  3. You are so awesome for doing this. I was wondering why my BP residents weren't having kids, and then I realized(I am an Awemod user) that no one had a freakin' crib! So, I actually went and put them in quite a few. I wish I had known about this first! I may still use it, since my BP has like 300 sims in it, now. :S Thanks again!