Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aquarius Rooftop Lounge (Aquarius Expansion)

I really like the lounge on top of a building in Bridgeport, Aquarius, but I wanted it to have more features, so I added another floor to it.

The first floor is now a really crappy bar, that anyone can get into. The third floor features the Bubble Lounge, only for really important sims (Or those who can afford to blow a few simoleons on a bribe). The pool has been reshaped and given a fountain, and the dance floor has also been redone a bit. The major addition is, of course, the third level.

This venue can now be used for bands, as well!

Probably the only good part about the first bar is that it has a window built into the pool where the water pops out of the wall. It used to have bubble blowers, but those have been moved to the VIP section.

It is not recommended to wear glasses in the bubble room. Or clothes you don't want ruined from bubble juice.

Same size as the original, because it is a replacement. Requires only Late Night.


  1. You're back! I figured once Late Night hit you'd cook up something. I'm enjoying LN and there seems to be a lot of possibilities for creative designers such as yourself.

    See ya at the Plasma!

  2. Oh, and thanks for expanding Aquarius. I'm looking forward to it.