Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chip The Dancer

Not much to say. Party Animal, Flirty, Mooch, Athletic, Great Kisser. Such is Chip the Dancer.

Chip doesn't require much.

Facial Sliders by Ahmad
These Body Sliders
This Chin Slider
The Normal version of This Stripper Outfit, only the top part.

Chip is an Homage to the dancer of the same name from The Sims House Party. :D This is why his hair is dark at the roots and eyebrows and appears frosted.


  1. Oh sweet Jesus. The pictures just make it.

  2. How did you get him on the coffee table! lol. that's sooooo funny!

  3. On MTS there's some objects...I dont know what they're called. They're basically OMSP stuff, but you can place sims on them too.

  4. chadgraphix took hair requests like 2 weeks ago dont know if he still does. best to remain anonymous since he seems to have issues with his conversion skills.

  5. Those screenies are

  6. i really like the outfit but the link is broken can u link the outfit here

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