Thursday, May 13, 2010

Furniture Warehouse (Decorative Shopping lot for Machinima)

So your house looks like crap and you need some new furniture. What are you to do? ESPECIALLY if you happen to be making a story or something? Come on down to...

The Furniture Wholesale Warehouse!

This lot is an altered version of the Warehouse that comes with Riverview. The outside is mostly the same, but the inside has become a furniture store! Where you can shop for...

A fancy new living set!

A modern new living set!

An outdoor cafe experience!

A retro revival dining set!

Some new bathroom fixtures!

A new shower or tub! (Please do not test the showers or tubs)

A new dresser!

A warm fireplace!

Some new lawn furniture!

A new lamp!

An end table!

A new computer desk!

A modern shiny kitchen set!

A country kitchen set!

A dining chair, or some wall art!

Or maybe a fancy pants sitting room.

Find it all at the Furniture Wholesale Warehouse!


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  2. per a message currently displayed on El Furniture Warehouse's Instagram landing page. But that message (as of this writing) appears to have been deleted.Leather Lounges