Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Sims 3: Into the Future Patch (Does not require ITF) Hard Mode Mod Pack: Back to The Sims 1 style of difficulty!

This is a pack of 4 mods that changes the dynamic of the game significantly.
The Sims 1 was very difficult and kind of like a Real Time Strategy title where you played as human beings and the enemies were daily life, but The Sims 3 is more like a dollhouse or a tamagotchi. This mod aims to make The Sims 3 more like a healthy blend of The Sims 2 and The Sims 1- Playable, but still hard enough to be called a video game.
These mods make bills harder, make motives more difficult to handle, and make buying food from the fridge directly (without any ingredients in your inventory) more expensive. These three things work together to make it harder for a sim to have a huge mansion right off the bat and they'll have to manage their mood and money carefully, as their higher bills mean that while they can pay for that house, they can't actually afford the bills on it unless you are saving money!
These mods work with ANY combination of EPs, including just the base game, and only require that you be fully updated.
----Smooth Motive Drop----
This mod makes your sims motives drop at a smooth rate. Hunger normally drops at different rates depending on the value. "Empty" motives are at -100, and "Full" are at 100. Energy, Hunger, and Bladder all changed speeds depending on where they were between -100 and 100. A sim that was almost starving would have almost a full day to find a single apple to eat. With this mod, a sim that is almost starving still has some time, but will die if not attended to, and loses hunger enough throughout the day to require more than one meal. Elderly sims pee more often than younger sims. Little dogs pee more often than big dogs. Cats sleep all the time, etc.
The new rates are as follows:
Bladder- 30 Per Hour. Sims will go from full to empty bladder in 6.5 hours.
Bladder Toddler- 35 Per Hour. Toddlers will go from full to empty bladder in 5 hours and 40 minutes.
Bladder Baby- 35 Per Hour. Same as toddlers.
Bladder Elder- 40 Per Hour. Have fun tomb-raiding as an old person.
Bladder Horse- 35 Per Hour.
Bladder Cat- 20 Per Hour.
Bladder Big Dog- 30 Per Hour.
Bladder Little Dog- 40 Per Hour.
Hunger- 16 Per Hour. Sims will go from full to empty hunger in 12.5 hours. If a sim reaches significantly low hunger, they will starve SIGNIFICANTLY faster than in the base game. In the base game, mostly empty hunger still meant you had 24 hours to live. Now, mostly empty hunger means you've got a couple hours.
Hunger Toddler- 18 Per Hour. Toddlers will go from full to empty in 11 hours. Feed them breakfast and feed them before bed! No more feeding them once per day. The social worker is onto you.
Hunger Baby- 16.875 Per Hour. This is actually the default, but now it doesn't get slower the hungrier the baby gets. Babies may have to be fed during the middle of the night- like real babies.
Hunger Horse- 15 Per Hour.
Hunger Cat- 16 Per Hour.
Hunger Dog- 16 Per Hour.
Hunger Little Dog- 18 Per Hour.
Energy- 10 Per Hour. Sims will go from full to empty energy in 20 hours. This lets sims go to sleep at the same time each night without their schedule going out of whack, because they won't ever be fully tired before bedtime as long as they get a full or near full sleep.
Energy Baby- 20 Per Hour.
Energy Toddler- 8
Energy Horse- Unchanged. Sleepy horses are not good for riding.
Energy Cat- 20 Per hour! Cats are sleepy.
Energy Dog- Unchanged.
Energy Little Dog- 10 Per Hour.
----Harder Bills----
In a nutshell, this part of the pack makes bills more expensive. They now come EVERY BUSINESS DAY OF THE WEEK, but you are now billed for 5% of the household value (1% with each new bill), instead of only 1.3%. Please read the other bullets to learn just what this means.
--With this mod, If your sim was, say, level 1 in the Business career, they'd bring in 810 simoleons in a week. For a 20,000 dollar home, their bills would be 1,000 simoleons a week, or 200 simoleons PER DAY! Woops! Can't afford the bills, sucks for you. A sim at level 1 business career could only afford a 16,000 dollar home, at 800 a week- but they wouldn't be able to afford food. This means a sim at level 1 business career must have a home of, say, 15k to live comfortably. That would cost 750 simoleons a week, allowing 60 for food. (Keep in mind this is with base game values- the food part of this mod pack will make it even harder!)
--In the base game, as long as a sim has a job, they can afford the bills. This is no longer true. You have to live within your means. You cannot have too high of household value until you get a few promotions. Even two sims at level 1 of the business career would struggle with a typical 20,000 dollar home. You have to save money now instead of spending it as soon as you get it.
----More Expensive Food----
Basically, this mod makes food purchased straight from the fridge (without owning the ingredients) more expensive.
--By default, the markup on food is 50%. If you don't own the ingredients required, the food costs 50% more from the fridge. This mod changes that to 500%.
--By default, waffles would cost a sim (who didn't have an egg in his inventory) 15 simoleons. With this mod, they will cost him 50. With an egg, they'll be free.
--Overall, this means that food is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive if you don't do regular grocery shopping, and regular grocery shopping will save you a ton of money. Finally there's a reason to get groceries! As long as you keep track of what ingredients food requires, you'll save lots of money.
Optional: Action Cancel Motives. This mod makes it so that sims will cancel actions earlier for a few different motives. Remember how Sims in The Sims 1 would whine about their mood being too low CONSTANTLY? This brings that back (Although not as badly, it's far more reasonable).