Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sims 2 Style Camera

This is a no-drift camera, which allows you to pitch to a very low level, with the added bonus of making the camera focus like The Sims 2.

In Sims 3, the camera focuses on a sim's feet. If you right click their portrait to center them on the screen, they're actually taking up the top half, sometimes not even showing their head- because the camera is centered on their feet.

With this mod, the camera centers on their torso, just above the belly button- just like in Sims 2. Remember zooming in all the way and seeing their torso? If you zoom in all the way in Sims 3, you get a nice view of the floor. Not anymore.

Here is where the camera would center by default. Note that the center of the image is the bottom of the sim- under the chair.

Here's where it centers with this mod.

Here is full zoom on a standing sim before...

And here is after.


  1. Thanks Shivar! I missed your stuff and I'll definitively give it a test run!

    1. I've recently gotten a computer upgrade. While my game is still ever so slightly sluggish due to having 5GB of store content and not picking and choosing only the most necessary things, it is running well enough that I may not ever go back to Sims 2 again.

      I actually made this when Showtime came out but the slowness of my game was too much and I didn't bother caring.

    2. I know what you mean! I've completely lost steam on a tonne of projects due to lag and general sluggishness. Lag is just super disheartening, especially for me seeing as there is no way I could afford a new computer. -sigh- Why can't I have nice things?

  2. Can you post some screenshots so we could see the actual difference?

  3. Welcome back, Shivar. I'll be sure to try out this mod!

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