Tuesday, January 11, 2011

University Conversion: "Cricket Paddles"

Shivar's Spankers! Mount them on the wall in the bedroom, just like everything else.

Two color options, one for each paddle. (Note: Because of the way the object is textured, the color options are for each side. If the left one is white and the right one is black, for example, the opposite side of the left one will be black and the opposite side of the right one will be white. It's not a big deal, since they're wall objects anyway.) They cost 250 and are found in Misc Decor, and can be slid up/down walls.

A flipped version (higher paddle on the right) is also included! These also have a wall shadow, but that isn't visible in these pictures. They were cloned from a Late Night object, but do not require late night!

Have fun ;)


  1. Your stuff just makes my day -- thanks

  2. Whats next Mr. Kinky shivar?

    You going to make giant dildo decorations?

  3. lol I love it :D and your sense of humour ;)

    that insane discussions on My Sims 3 Blog that yours items always made = lots of fun ;D trolls are hilarious xD don't mind them ;)

  4. I'll go for giant dildos but what I'd really like is a swimmers jock. MIDIbear made a jock on Sexy Sims two years ago but it's the large waistband type. I'd like to see a skinnier band. Wishful thinking!