Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shiftable Wall TVs (Base Game and Late Night)

This is the wall TV from the base game made shiftable. It is a default replacement.

I have also fixed the Late Night wall TVs- the smaller kitchen one ( Hang Anywhere Crystal TV ) and the larger celebrity one ( Super Stretch Television Experience ).


  1. AND I did shiftable TVs. Only I did the Store ones, and the HELS one in addition to the base game/LN ones.

  2. Hey, this mod looks great - but for some reason now whenever I go to place any TV (even non-shiftable non-wall TVs) the game completely freezes. Is there something special I'm supposed to be doing with these packages to get them to work properly? Thanks in advance for any help! :)

  3. I'm having the same issues as miss_jenna. About 80% of the time, placing the crystal TV will freeze my game. Right now I don't have any CC in the game but I do have AwesomeMod, Master Controller, Story Prog, Overwatch....and some other Mods that "fix" broken stuff. I also have the mods that shift the mirrors, too. I'll have to check the other TVs AND, the 2 places I've had the problems are the Sorority house in Uni and an apartment I converted from a I'll check to see if the problem occurs in single family homes.

  4. I'm also having this problem, trying to place the wall-hanging TVs cause the entire game to crash. I've been googling and it doesn't seem to be a common error, so I think it must be this mod causing the problem.

    If this mod was put out in 2010, I don't know if it's counteracting another mod or one of the game's updates. I've got many mods, including the Master Controller set and a whole bunch of random ones.