Monday, October 4, 2010

Testers and Help Wanted: Paradise as a Vacation World

So there's this tutorial on MTS to make a world into a vacation world.

From quick testing, I determined:

1. The file the guy uploaded is for france, so any world made with it has the french music and townies seem to spawn with french clothes, and all the adventures you get are french in nature.
2. The game does give you adventures that are impossible to complete, since it thinks you are in france.
3. I replaced China. The game still thinks this is France. So this is apparently determined by that file he put up to download. I would've preferred chinese music and sims, though. :\
4. When you first visit, YOU MUST CHANGE ONE OF THE LOTS TO A BASE CAMP, then move in a family, I guess. Then play the family and you will be your sim, who was visiting, and you'll be on the base camp. You can then save and leave and come back as normal.
5. There doesn't seem to be a way for me to add a spa and base camp and all that stuff as a save or something. I'd have to rebuild the world from scratch and do that before saving it, which I am not going to do.
6. The game spawned a bunch of NPCs really fast even though I hadn't built any houses or anything. I am not sure if hte game will make more NPCs than it should for the number of lots.
7. The NPCs seemed to wear clothes from Egypt and France for some reason.

So what do I need help with?

1. Basic testing, and if you want, please tell the guy who made the tutorial anything you find while playing this world.
2. It would be nice if someone could ask him to upload the chinese/egyptian binary file so people can make chinese/egyptian music/sim worlds
3. I accidentally overwrote my original file. I would be very very happy if someone could upload it, with a fully patched game, so I can get it back without reinstalling! D: Please? :(

 Thanks for testing.

How to Install:
1. BACK UP whichever .world file in WorldAdventures/Gamedata/Shared/Nonpackaged/Worlds
2. Rename the file to whichever world you want to replace (,, or By default, it is named
3. Place it over the original.

How to Play:
1. Have a sim visit the world you replaced
2. Edit a lot to make it Base Camp type
3. Move in a family and choose to play them. The game should load the sim you had travel. They will be on vacation.


  1. I'm uploading the file for you as we speak! :)

  2. here it is!
    my game's patched to the brim.

  3. Very interesting Shivar!

    In the world file there is (probably) an XML titled "France _____" (forget the full name sorry, it'd be the same for Egypt or China), which will contain references to the clothing that sims may wear, if you edit that you should be able to get a world with custom clothing, I've never really experimented with it but I thought I'd let you know....

    If the XML isn't in the world file check out the place where all the other XMLS are stored, I forget where I saw it....

  4. Honestly this is cool :)

    I haven't played sims 3 in a while but can't wait to see what this brings to the game. Visiting Riverview, Twinbrook etc.