Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Less Filling Food

This mod makes pretty much all food less filling. The MAXIMUM amount of Hunger any sim can get from any food is now 150 as opposed to 200.

Before, the best food around would be able to bring a sim back from being one point away from death all the way to completely full. Now, if a sim is 1 point from death (1), they will only be able to go up to 151, or about 3/4 of the way through their motive bar. This is because sims should be eating more often than only when htey are about to starve. Makes it easier to have meals throughout the day rather than just one big one at breakfast and a snack later.

It also makes each meal a little less filling in general. Snacks now can't give any more than 30 points of hunger. You can no longer eat a snack and fill more than half your hunger! Juice is now also much less filling. It also makes Simbots gain pretty much no hunger from any food (except scrap).

Made with and for patch 1.26, edits the EatHeldFood xml.


  1. Are all your mods compatible with patch 1.26/Pets, or only the ones labeled "Pets". Also, if they aren't compatible, are they going to be updated?

    Gotta say, I love you site!

  2. Unfortunately I don't have the drive to update most of my mods, as I don't usually play the game for that long at a time- usually short bursts. So I won't go through the backlog and make sure all of them are working- just those I am particularly interested in using.

    Updating them is quite easy, though. There are tutorials around on MTS on how to do it, and I don't mind if you want to recreate one that isnt working for pets.

  3. Thanks for answering my question! I will look at MTS for a tutorial. :)

  4. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had told you if this still works for current patches?
    thanks, is a good idea!

  5. Is this compatible with patch 1.50? I would LOVE to try this if it is. I don't have the time or a good enough computer to try out updating it myself.

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