Saturday, March 20, 2010

Custom Virtual Reality Game: Fantasy RPG

This time I replaced the fantasy game. I don't like the original, which is very western-RPG oriented. Stuff like Oblivion and Dragon Age, talking about Kings and Peasants and cliches. So I changed it into a more JRPG oriented game. While the dialogue options and texts don't explicitly make mention of anything from the games, they are all based on situations in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. ( If you're curious, the pictures, in order, reference the plethora of sidequests in FFX-2, the Job system of FFX-2, Blitzball from FFX, and Macalania Forest from FFX.) There's an extra comma in one of the screens, but that's an error from testing. It is not there in the download. :P

I also tried to make sure that your sim isn't locked into any specific character type (swordsman, white mage, black mage, etc). The game doesn't imply them to specifically be oriented towards any of them- the original game made it clear they were an all-around Oblivion-style character.

Because this is just altered text, your sim will still get scared moodlets when bad things happen and excited ones when good things happen. It does not conflict with the Action game replacement. :D

Have fun. :D

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